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There are 4 Puzmat games! Each game boasts the same captivating concept, but brace yourself for a unique adventure in each with a collection of unique exhilarating puzzles!

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The Zimmermann Telegram

In 1917, British codebreakers intercepted the Zimmermann Telegram, a secret communication from Germany to Mexico proposing a military alliance against the United States. The revelation played a role in the U.S. decision to enter World War I.

Lost Nazi Gold

Legend has it that, at the end of WW2, the Nazis dumped around $5.6 billion worth of stolen gold into Lake Toplitz, an isolated Alpine lake used by the Nazis for naval testing. In 1959, investigators recovered £700 million of counterfeit notes from the lake (that Hitler had planned on using to sabotage Britain's economy). Despite challenges in its 300-foot depth with log layers, several attempts to find the treasure have been made, resulting in at least five diver fatalities and no conclusive evidence.

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