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There are 3 Puzmat games! Each game boasts the same captivating concept, but brace yourself for a unique adventure in each with a collection of unique exhilarating puzzles!

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Forrest Fenn’s Treasure

*Apparently this treasure was found in June 2020, read the article here.

This treasure hunt follows a Hollywood movie template—a chest hidden in the wilderness with clues from an obscure poem. Confident in its existence, people believe Forrest Fenn's account. The treasure, located in the Rockies (Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, or New Mexico), excludes mines. Fenn mentions 265 gold coins and numerous nuggets, but the chest's precise worth is unknown. Collected from Fenn's artifacts, it's a million-dollar treasure hidden by an experienced collector. Motivated by altruism, Fenn aims for a family bonding experience rather than a quest for gold and glory.

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Lake Guatavita and the original legend of "El Dorado"

Long before the Spanish conquistadors reached Colombia, the leader of the Muisca tribe, according to legend, covered himself in gold dust and tossed treasures into Lake Guatavita to honour the gods. This legendary site, believed to be El Dorado, has yielded actual gold since the Spanish arrived in 1536. Various treasure hunts, including draining attempts since 1545, have taken place, with the most recent one in 1911 resulting in a hardened mud bottom, trapping the treasure. Swimming in the lake is now prohibited by the Colombian government, and as of 2002, a lone ranger guards the mystery of El Dorado.

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